Every time we interact with others we form some means of communication, verbal or non-verbal. This, in turn, leads to an impact that we create on others. Consciously and sub-consciously, these interactions form a basis for us to like or dislike others. Personal development training is about deliberately creating the impact you want, through your communication. There are several ways NLP can help you as it is probably the number one personal development training that everyone can benefit from. This includes training courses in creating personal impactcommunication skills, and presentation skills.

I work as a freelance trainer and facilitator for business clients to deliver a variety of personal development training courses and programs. I also work with individuals who wish to have personal development training on a one to one basis. I specialise in 3 main areas, Presentation Skills, Personal Impact, and Communication Skills.

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of working with several sectors andasdasdasdad industries, including a majority of FTSE 100 companies, Higher Education Institutions, research and medical institutions, NGO’s, as well as Non-Profit organisations. With experience of working with staff ranging from entry level to C-Level executives, I bring added value to the training sessions by sharing my own relevant personal experiences, examples and stories. This not only makes the sessions more engaging and impactful, it also leaves the participants with real examples that they can immediately apply into their roles and daily lives.


I have spent over 12 years delivering engaging presentations to my clients, stakeholders and suppliers. Though the audience dynamics such as size, seniority, cultural, age etc. has differed vastly, all my presentations have all had one thing in common. A need to get the message across in a clear and concise manner with confidence and conviction. My training delivery style provides a supportive environment that allows participants to explore there strengthens and areas of improvement, while still challenging them to perform at their very best.


Having worked in various sales and account management roles throughout my career, there is no doubt that the saying “people buy from people” stands true. The importance of creating a positive impact from the first moment you start to interact with your clients, colleagues or managers can never be underestimated. With competition in the market being as high as it is, the difference between winning or losing the business deal can depend on the personal impact you have made. I share my own experiences, knowledge and skills on how to create an immediate and long lasting positive impact on other, both at work and in your personal life.


One of the key attributes of a great trainer or coach is the ability to communicate effectively. I believe it is also just as important for an effective trainer to adapt their approach to the personality of their audience. Having lived in 3 continents and coming from a multicultural background myself, I am always aware of the importance of adapting my style to suit my audience. This means delivering communication skills workshops and online sessions while always considering terminology, cultural differences, age appropriation and personality styles.

My ability to use personality profiling tools in my workshops helps me delivery communication skills training where participants gain insight into their own personalities and behaviour. Using the same personality profiling tools, participants would also be able to identify personality style of people they interact with and adapt their communication with them accordingly. I also share powerful techniques for building rapport to ensure your communication is as effective as possible, even in challenging scenarios.

Impact NLP Coaching
founded by Anne Hellgren

Having spent over 12 years in various international business development, consultancy, account management and training roles, she decided to focus on what she was truly passionate about. This lead to the foundation of Impact NLP Coaching and her decision to work as a trainer, coach and therapist.